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Facials and Skin Care - Connecticut

Select Your Perfect Facial for Beautiful Skin. 

All skin care facials include a consultation, assessment of the skin, cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extractions, massage, steam towels, serum infusion, moisturizer and sunblock.  Select from:

Aveda Facial Skin Care

The Pretty Face Signature Organic Facial

This organic facial utilizes Aveda products and is customized to your skin type and skin issues.  Whether your skin is in need of hydration, acne clearing, anti-aging, exfoliation, or  brightening we will design the perfect facial for you.  Aveda skin care products are effective, gentle, certified organic, and are botanically based and environmentally friendly.  Aveda is the #2 professional skin care line in the nation because what you put on your body and face should be as healthy and natural as what you put into it.  Our most popular skin care facial.  60 minutes - $75

The Pretty Face Osmosis Facial

Osmosis - A subtle or gradual absorption by which molecules penetrate through a semi-permeable membrane such as the skin.

A Doctor developed and clinically proven medical skin care line to address the signs of facial skin aging.  Skin Care products won't work if they can't get through the skin's barrier.  This anti-aging skin care facial also includes a vitamin C treatment, soothing green tea eye pads and also utilizes the technology of high frequency to infuse a skin repair serum.  45 minutes - $85

Facials and Skin Care

The Refresher Facial

The Refresher Facial is a 30 minute skin care facial designed for a "freshening up"  of the skin in between facials or when you are pressed for time.  It includes a facial cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, ultra-sonic pore de-clogging (if necessary), a fruit enzyme treatment, an infusion of a radiance serum, and lastly facial moisturizer and sunblock.  Aveda products are used for this facial.  Although this facial is half the time of the regular facial, you will still come away with cleaner, brighter, and refreshed facial skin. 
30 minutes $35  (cannot be combined with other offers)