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Permanent Makeup Application Glastonbury

"Where beauty really is skin deep"

(Photos below are actual clients and are immediately after)

  • Brows, upper & lower liner
    Brows, upper & lower liner
  • Teal Permananent Lower Liner
    Teal Permananent Lower Liner
  • Tattooed areola post mastectomy
    Tattooed areola post mastectomy
  • Scar camouflage before
    Scar camouflage before
  • Scar camouflage immediately after. Color is pinkish initially due to blood flow at the surface.
    Scar camouflage immediately after. Color is pinkish initially due to blood flow at the surface.
  • Permanent Liner - Immediately after
    Permanent Liner - Immediately after
  • Upper liner immediately after
    Upper liner immediately after
Brows, upper & lower liner
Brows, upper & lower liner

What is Permanent Makeup and how are we different?

All procedures are performed by a licensed nurse.

Specializing in:


Eye liner 

Scar Camouflage 

Areola Re-pigmentation

  Permanent makeup is a safe and medically approved procedure to implant pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Under the care of a Licensed Professional, the procedure is completely safe. Women experiencing hair loss often lose some or all of their brows and lashes.  

Prepackaged sterilized permanent makeup needles are used along with hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved permanent makeup pigment.  A computerized permanent makeup machine--The Nouveau Contour Intelligent is used.  The machine method of implantation results in a quicker treatment, less discomfort, faster healing time and longest-lasting result.  Very effective topical analgesics are used throughout the procedure.  Most clients rate their discomfort a (2) on a pain scale.  A 2-hour block of time is reserved for your procedure.  The majority of this time is spent numbing the area, selecting color(s), mapping out the design and discussing after care. The actual implanting of pigment takes only about 30-40 minutes.

All permanent makeup procedures initially are darker and bolder and that's why the powder fill machine technique lasts the longest.  As the skin heals, color softens and lightens to a powdery result in about 5-7 days.

I am a state of Connecticut licensed nurse and tattoo technician. I also have a certificate in fine arts. Over 1000 permanent makeup procedures have been performed in my confidential and private office.  My nursing background is the reason permanent makeup clients feel safer and  more comfortable with me.  My art background is the reason clients have been so pleased with their results.   

Because of my training and background, I have become one of the most sought after technicians throughout Connecticut and Western Mass.  I was trained at The Permark Training School in New York City.  This school will only accept licensed medical professionals for training in permanent makeup at their school.  I was one of the first to be licensed in the state of Connecticut-#TAT.000008

Please contact me for a no obligation consultation to learn about this 5,000 year old art form.  

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Brows $425

Lower liner $275

Upper liner $325

Upper and lower liner $425

Other permanent makeup procedures including scar camouflage and 3D areola repigmentation  TBD during consult.  

Pricing includes one month post-procedure follow up.

Yearly and bi-yearly color refresher my clients $150.

Clients that have had initial procedure done elsewhere, pricing TBD during consult.