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Customer Testimonials- Permanent Makeup

"Exquisite work! I had misshappened black eyebrows and Janice reshaped them and lightened them up for me. Thanks, you're the best out there." - Linda W., Mystic, CT

"Love my eyebrows.  Getting lots of compliments" -  D. McBride of McBride Hair Restoration"

"I love my new brows.  You really are an artist" - Karen B. South Windsor, CT

"You are so talented.  I love my new eye brows" - Yovanna M. Simsbury, CT

"Thank you so very much for the beautiful job you did on my permanent make up.  I am so pleased with the brows, liner and scar camouflage.  You did a great job and were so very patient with me.  You put your heart and soul into your work and it certainly shows.  You made me so comfortable" - Ruthie P. Meriden, CT

"I was in a restaurant in Evergreen Walk and saw this girl with beautiful eyebrows.  I went up to her and she told me you did them two years ago.  They looked so natural and she said she hasn't had to use any pencil since having them done". . . Rose F.

Customer Testimonials - The HydraFacial

"Jan is absolutely awesome!!  I see such a huge difference in the texture of my skin since I have been getting her facials.  Jan is very knowledgeable and professional!  I highly recommend The Pretty Face Place to anyone who wants to have and maintain an excellent complexion!" - Nancy S. East Windsor, CT

"You were right – the HydraFacial you gave me on Saturday has continued to show results over the week!" - Valerie V., Manchester, CT

"I can't believe how beautiful my skin looked after the HydraFacial.  Way better then any facial I have received.  My skin just glowed and I didn't need any makeup" - Tina E. Tolland, CT

Customer Testimonials - Signature Chemical Peel

"I'm pretty much done peeling and the results are amazing! More then I even expected from one chemical peel! All my dark spots on my upper lip are GONE... My chin and right side of my face is pretty much even complexion now! Even my worst areas, forehead and left cheek have lightened by 50% at least. Honestly, I can't stop looking at the difference in the mirror! Your chemical peel definitely took about 5 years off! I can't wait to come back for more!  Thank you soooo much! I haven't even had to wear any cover up or my powder foundation! " - Patsy, East Windsor, CT

"Oh my God, I had a chemical peel from a Plastic Surgeon in Glastonbury that wasn't even as effective as that".  Tina E., Tolland

"I've had several Skin Medica peels and saw no improvement in my brown spots.  One chemical peel with you and the brown spots on my nose are gone" . Jennifer O., Tolland

"I can't believe how my acne has improved.  I wish I had found you a long time ago". Marcia C., South Windsor

"The brown spot above my eye is completely gone" . . . Georgie A., Manchester, CT

"I waited too long to make an appointment and even longer to write this review!
After only one visit I saw immediate results! My melasma is softer, my pores have diminished and I just bought the "Everything Pencil" and I'm telling you, there is nothing better! Jan - you have truly helped me love myself again. Thank you!" . . . Michelle B., Ellington, CT

Customer Testimonials - Pretty Face Organic Facial

"Jan's facials are the best EVER - professionally done, relaxing....everything you want in a facial. The atmosphere of her shop is very calming and she makes you feel really comfortable. Thank you, Jan!" . . . Pat. D., Glastonbury, CT

"My skin looks so much better after only two appointments with you.  I went to someone else  every month for three years and never saw any improvement" . . .  Julia Z. Manchester, CT

"I am so grateful to welcome Jan into my facial regimen. SHE TRULY gives each person individualized attention and honest commitment to improving their facial, psychological and emotional image of themselves. That is truly a gift to each of us who come under her care. EACH CLIENT RECEIVES HER INDIVIDUAL attention and commitment to pride in the results for each and every client."  . . .  Sylvia S.  Old Saybrook, CT

"The Pretty Face Place" lives up to its name.  After the organic facial my face not only looked younger and more vibrant, but I myself felt relaxed and restored as well!  My husband, who rarely notices even a change in hair color, commented on my face! Give yourself this experience! . . .Claire T. So. Windsor, CT

"Your facial even far out-shinned Canyon Ridge". . .  Sylvia S. East Hartford, CT

"That was probably the best facial I ever received". . . Georgie A. Manchester, CT

"I've had many facials, but nothing compares to that": . . . Olivia P. Avon, CT

"That's still the best facial I have ever had" . . . Ginger O. Manchester, CT

"Hands down that was the best facial I ever received" . . . Tammy M. Vernon, CT

"I had a facial in a dermatologist's office in Glastonbury, but your facial was 100 times better" . . . Patty, East Windsor, CT

"That was the most relaxing and soothing facial I have ever received" . . . Karen

"I enjoyed that facial more than any facial I have ever had." . . . Karen D. 

"What an amazing experience.  It was very relaxing and my skin looks and feels great.  I have had facials before where I felt poked and prodded, not so in this case.  It was minimally invasive and the products she used were relaxing and soothing.  I highly recommend this business" . . .  Jennifer A.  Manchester,  CT (Please read the entire review on Angie's List)

 "I had the most relaxing experience this morning at The Pretty Face Place. As a mom of two, I never take time for myself. When I got a gift card, I decided it was time to get the Signature Organic facial. It was amazing! I enjoyed the atmosphere (spa music, water feature, Victorian furniture, heated massage table, Aveda products, etc.). The owner explained every step to me, so I knew what to expect prior to starting. It was a peaceful experience, and my skin looks (and feels) terrific. I can't wait to book another one soon! I HIGHLY recommend The Pretty Face Place!" . . . Alison F., South Windsor, CT


Customer Testimonials - Dermasweep Microdermabrasion

"Had to drop you a line to tell you how amazing my skin looked this morning! All the chin acne and hard bumps were completely gone from my face. Saw friends at the South Windsor, Connecticut Farmers Market today and they were all saying my face looked thinner and younger. It also helped the coloring too! Love this new microdermabrasion machine and I'm sure the salicydic acid  infusion helped" . . . Karen B. South Windsor, CT

"I am feeling much better about the acne after the last treatment you did and I loved the sun block.  I really like to come to you to get the treatments done.  You listen, are really sympathetic and always go the extra mile to help me make my skin look better.  I really like how you don't just try to sell the products like the sun block that you gave to me to try on instead of just asking me to buy it." . . . Sheela D. Ellington, CT 
"OMG thank you.  I love the DermaSweep.  I love how my skin looks.  You did a great job" . . . Toni F. East Hartford, CT

Customer Testimonials - The Organic Green Peel

" I love this peel.  I can't believe how my acne and the red marks have improved"  Kim H.  Ellington, CT

"Janice is absolutely amazing! I had the Organic Green Peel a few weeks ago and the results are unbelievable! My face feels and looks great! The peel itself only took about 30 minutes. I am so much looking forward to having this peel done on a regular basis. Janice is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this salon!!"  Nancy S. Broad Brook,  CT

"The Organic Green Peel improved my acne more then my dermatologist was able to" . . . Stephanie J.  Bolton, CT 

Costumer Testimonials - Rosacea Relief Facial

"Went out with some friends last night and got so many compliments on my skin. . . The redness had definitely decreased!!!" . . . Jo-Ann C. So. Windsor, CT