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Offering the finest-quality and most natural synthetic designer wigs at the most affordable pricing for
medical hair loss or fashion.  

Reinventing the wig shopping experience.
How are we different from the Wig Shops or Wig Stores?  Click on the news story to find out!

Services Include:

Private Office Wig Consultations

In Home Wig Consultations

Women's Group Presentations

Wig Home Hostess Parties

Wigs For Medical Hair Loss.

As a nurse for Hartford Healthcare at Home and a permanent makeup artist, I have worked with many women that have experienced hair loss for a variety of reasons, chemotherapy, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause, trichotillomania, aging, medications, nutritional deficits, etc.  

Forty-six million American women are experiencing hair loss, and these numbers keep going up.  The American Hair Loss Association recognizes that hair loss in women can be just as devastating as any serious disease.  The Pretty Face Place wants to help . . . . "Reveal an even prettier you" as you face this challenge.

How is The Pretty Face Place Wig Boutique different from the big wig stores?

I am the only wig provider that is a nurse.  Selecting a wig is such a personal and often an emotional experience that selecting a wig from a retail environment may not be comfortable for some individuals.  An office environment is more appropriate to the often sensitive nature of the situation.  I provide wig consultations in a private and relaxing office setting.  Your wig consultation will be a completely personalized and private experience.  I also spend a significant amount of time on wig education.   Many of my clients have informed me that they did not get the individualized attention and wig education in the retail environment.

In-Home Wig Consultations.

As a former homecare nurse, I know some women are medically unable to leave home, but are in need of a wig.  I will travel to your location and bring an assortment of wigs for you to try on .  There is a $25 fee for this service that does get applied toward the purchase of your wig.  In-home consultations outside the travel radius may also incur additional travel fees.  

Paying for Your Wig.

Your private insurance company may provide up to $350 reimbursement after the purchase of your wig.   Below is a list of information you may need to provide your insurance carrier:  Click on this link for the State Wig Insurance Mandate for more information.  Medicare Advantage may also cover wigs related to chemotherapy hair loss.  Visit Medicare's website for more information:

Medicaid may also help to pay for your wig if related to medical hair loss.

  • Proof of purchase such as a paid receipt, check, credit card bill.
  • The Pretty Face Place Tax ID # (will be furnished upon payment)
  • An order from your doctor for a “cranial prosthesis”.   Use of the word "wig" may result in denial.
  • Billing Code # (most common is A9282)

Hair Loss and Medical Facts.

Connecticut has the 3rd highest incidence of breast cancer in the nation.

Chemo induced hair loss typically begins two weeks after treatment.

Androgenetic Alopecia/female pattern baldness is on the increase.

one in four women are experiencing hair loss right now.

Wig Purchase and Permanent Makeup for the Eye Brows.

Hair loss may also be experienced in other areas.  The loss of eye brow hair may be upsetting to some women.  Permanent makeup is the perfect solution to give you back your eye brows.  Wigs and permanent makeup  are both the ideal solution for hair loss in these areas.  I've combined the two services into a special for clients.  Special discount for medical hair loss clients.  If you purchase a wig from my boutique, I will apply the initial permanent makeup for your brows at $25 off the regular price.  Please visit the permanent makeup page on this website or click here to visit my website devoted to permanent makeup for more information.

High-Quality Fashion Wigs for all women for any reason.

Wigs are once again becoming an everyday fashion accessory.  All women should feel comfortable and confident when they wear a wig regardless of the reason.  Actually, one in three women have worn or are wearing synthetic hair.  

Did you know that there are some very famous women that have their own hair, but routinely will wear a wig (listed below).  On a daily basis we change our attaire, nails, make up, shoes, and jewelry, so why not our hair.  Imagine just putting on a wig and out the door you go with perfectly styled and humidity resistant hair.  How fun to be a red head one day and a blond the next.  Wigs have had a very long history in society.  

Wig Quality.

I am pleased to offer only the highest-quality designer synthetic wigs for women experiencing hair loss or for fashion.  I have a variety of wig lengths, short, medium or long and in a variety of colors.  Because we are not a retail establishment, prices can be kept more affordable.  Most wigs are priced under $200. That's about the same price as a wash, cut, color and blow dry, and less then a keratin treatment.  

Wig Material

My wigs are all made from the highest-quality of synthetic fibers called Kanekalon.  Kanekalon is the closest fiber to natural caucasian hair. It requires no styling, durable, long-lasting, and looks much more natural then wigs made of other synthetic materials. Also, the color blends mimic the color blends of natural human hair, making the wigs undetectable, even to hairdressers!

During it’s manufacturing, Kanekalon is exposed to extreme heat.  This keeps the fibers from breaking during combing and allows the wigs to last an extra long time. Although it is exposed to heat during the manufacturing process, you never use heat tools such as blow dryers, flat irons or curling irons on your wigs or the fibers will start to melt and look like frizz.  You actually don't need to style the wigs.   

Kanekalon is a “wash and wear” fiber, meaning that after you wash and condition your wig (with products made specifically for high-quality synthetic hair) you can simply let it drip dry and the style will return while air drying. 

Why not human hair?

Human hair is heavy, expensive, may frizz in humidity, and still needs to be styled--who has time for that?  Synthetic hair is wash and wear, or shake and go.

Wig Colors and Styles.

The wigs are not one solid color, but are multi-tonal, as is natural hair.  Did you know you can get a wig with highlights, or a wig with darker roots (as if you just have not had time for that root touch up), or a wig with a flesh toned scalp, or a wig that resembles a natural hairline?  These are some of the exciting options that are available today.   I have the latest cuts and styles.  They feel and look like real hair!  They move and they blow in the breeze.  They keep their style and they don't frizz in the humidity!  Please visit the Wig Gallery to see the many styles and colors.

Accessorize Yourself!

You are encountering women everyday that are wearing wigs that are so realistic you don't even know it.  These may be women that don't have a medical diagnosis, but have had a reduction in hair volume due to pregnancy, medication, menopause, hair damage, etc.  Women are wearing wigs for travel, weddings, special occasions.  Wigs are a solution for growing out short hair or allowing your natural gray color to grow in (a recent trend)  Or there are women that have no hair challenges but consider wigs a fashion accessory.  Those women are having fun and saving time.  No more bad hair days or worrying about humidity . Today's wigs are so natural, realistic and comfortable.  They look and feel like real hair.  You can also enhance them with clips, barrettes, up dos and pony tails.  How fun to see yourself in long hair again, or if you have always worn your hair long, you may be surprised to see how sassy you may look in a short wig.   Make a fashion statement!  You  also will experience a free private consultation in my office.  You can try on as many of the wigs as you like and we will also talk about wig care.

Purchasing Your Wig

After the consultation you are under no obligation to purchase a wig.  You may need some time to think about it.  A wig purchase can be made at any time by simply contacting the office by phone or using the contact form to the right.  Due to the nature of the product, wigs cannot be returned.  To ensure you are completely satisfied with your wig, there are no consultation fees and you may try on as many wigs as you like.  A credit is offered due to manufacturers defect, but all wigs are inspected by me before scheduled pick up.  Also, at pick up you are encouraged to try on your wig again to be sure before leaving the office you are completely satisfied with your selection.

Home Wig Parties

Wigs and Wine!   Gather a group of your friends together for a wig party.  Wig parties were all the rage in the 60's.  The gathering can be a small or large.  You will be amazed at how everyone gets into it and the excitement and fun to see each other in different hairstyles and hair colors.  A variety of wig styles and colors will be modeled for your guests.  After the presentation, guests will have an opportunity to try the wigs on.  I can also provide a make up artist do a quick makeup application, demonstration or discussion.  

Wig and Hair Loss Presentation/Discussion

I'm available to speak at your group event or gathering.  I will bring an assortment of wigs, model them and participants will have an opportunity to try them on.  We will also include a discussion about wigs, wig care and/or hair loss.  An attendance of 50 women enjoyed the event at the South Windsor Senior Center recently.

Wig Love

"Looking good is a commitment to yourself and to others. Wigs, killer heels, Pilates, even fillers - whatever works for you, honey."  Arthur unknown.

"I'm in love with wigs.  I can go from short to long in less than a minute!" Kelly Rowland

"I started wearing wigs when I was younger and had a thyroid disease that made my hair fall out. It was devastating. I thought, 'I could either have an issue with this, or I could go to the store and buy a wig.' And then I fell in love with wearing them, and I stuck with it even after my hair came back". Angela Robinson

"I love wearing wigs because they're instantly transformational". Holly Hunter

"When I perform I usually wear wigs because I love them". Rita Ora

"I bet I own more wigs then any drag queen--I love me a wig". Melissa McCarthy

Famous Wig Wearers

Patricia Heaton, Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Helen Hunt, Rachel McAdams, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Mary Tyler Moore, Melissa McCarthy, Angelina Jolie, Cher, Holly Hunter, Lucille Ball, Raquel Welch, just to name a few.

Wig History 

Wigs actually date back to the ancient Egyptians, (as does permanent makeup).  Wigs in the 18th century were made of human, horse and/or goat hair.  The practice of wearing wigs started in France with King Louis VIII who wanted to hide his hair loss.  The trend caught on with royalty and then upper middle class.  People who wore them were the "elites" in society.  Women in the 18th century did not wear wigs, but wore a coiffure supplemented with artificial hair.  The first hair extensions!  In the 1960's it was a fashion trend for all women to have a wig.  After the 70's the trend began to fade.  A wig trend is emerging again thanks to celebrities that are proudly wearing wigs and are happy to disclose that fact!

  • Wig consultation area.
    Wig consultation area.
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    Jenna wig medium length marble brown.
Wig consultation area.
Wig consultation area.

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